5 Elements Of A Good Web Design

Today, many Web users are not only searching for sites packed with useful information, they are also looking for compelling and attractive sites. A good website offers visitors something they need in a way that will make them want to come back for more.

When it comes to Web design, there are a lot of things to consider. In fact, it may seem like a never ending list. However, if you look closely, you’ll find that there are various elements that are more significant than others. These are the elements that most successful sites have in common.

  1. Visual Design

The first thing that most users look for at a website is its visual appeal. Anything that is not pleasing to the eye would easily make your visitors click away from your website. While it is true that a good design alone cannot keep customers in your site, it can surely make them want to wander around to see what you have got to offer.

Your website doesn’t need to have an incredible visual design. The most important thing is to make use of a good theme. It must be consistent, clear and focused. The theme does not only refer to the subject or function of your site but it is also about its overall design. Use consistent colors, scheme and proper layout. Each page should also have relevant images and information to the product or services that you are offering your clients.

  1. Content

The next element of a successful website is good content. Make sure to provide relevant content that your visitors would want to read. Even if you have a visually enticing website, if you have nothing else to offer, but your web design, no one would probably want to stick around.

In content writing, it is important to provide meaningful and helpful information about your products and services. However, be cautious of overselling yourself. Your readers don’t want to just know all about you. They want to know more about how they can benefit from your products and services.

  1. Usability

The best websites offer a user-friendly navigation. Make sure that your resolutions and file sizes are not too big and that it is easy to wander around your site. A good Web designer must be able to give you a design that is not only attractive but easy to use as well.

  1. Fonts

Most websites use sans serif font for better and easier reading. You need to consider the

amount of text that your site is going to have. Avoid using too many font types and sizes. With so many font types to choose from, it can be tempting to choose unique and bold fonts in your website. However, unusual fonts can sometimes be distracting and overwhelming if they are not used properly.

  1. Contact Information

A good looking website with useful content and user-friendly environment is useless if your visitors don’t know how to reach you. Make sure that your contact information is strategically incorporated into your website. It should be found noticeable above the fold of each page.

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