Are You Struggling Without Luck To Increase Your Site’s Traffic?

I’m yet to come across someone whose sole aim of creating a website is to be viewing it only by him/herself. So, we are in agreement that the primary purpose of having an online presence is to get other web users to be visiting it and possibly engage in business dealings with you. But be advised that your website needs to be visible to other Internet users looking for similar things to the ones you offer before targeted traffic can be generated.

Are You Struggling Without Luck To Increase Your Site’s Traffic?

Billions of websites jockey to get meaningful traffic, but most do not succeed. If your website doesn’t generate substantial, targeted traffic, you surely need to examine your SEO and digital marketing approach and fine-tune it. Here at, we’ve compiled some vital tips that help struggling webmasters to drive substantial traffic to their sites.

Increase Website Traffic

Acquire relevant backlinks: Getting backlinks from web pages of other sites with related content is one of the major ways to gain good ranking in organic search results. Good SERP ranking helps ranked pages to increase click-through rates. Your site’s traffic will substantially increase, when it starts to perform well on SERPs.

Submit unique articles to article directories: Article directories are helpful in two fundamental ways: direct traffic and backlinks that include the webmaster’s chosen anchor texts. Majority of article sites permit content authors to include their links in the author resource boxes. To name but a few,,, and have thousands of daily visitors. And those visitors often click on authors’ links, if their articles are interesting. Most importantly, you want that backlink to your site to be a do-follow link.

Social media optimization (SMO): Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be effective in generating enormous traffic to sites like yours. If you’re not yet a member, register with them; befriend lots of people who have similar interests as you, but not necessarily your direct competitors. Honestly network and share genuine ideas with them on regular basis. While networking with your newly-found friends on social platforms, subtly promote your products and/or services. Once your social contacts develop a genuine interest in you, they’ll most likely start to visit your site and possibly buy things from you.

As a rule of the thumb, use caution while marketing your offerings on social media platforms: do not engage in direct marketing there, to avoid irritating and losing your contacts! On social media sites, blatant marketing seems tantamount to spamming. However, social media marketing (SMM) or social media optimization (SMO) is one of the best ways to get noticed on the Internet these days. Since almost everyone is on social media, why not use it to your advantage?

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising: PPC has proven countless times to be an effective way of generating targeted traffic to a site. But it’s not free and can be quite expensive, if not effectively managed. If you’re not experienced in PPC advertising, you can outsource the management campaign to a third-party. If you can afford it, try PPC advertising.

Submit videos: Produce and submit high-quality videos related to your offerings to video-sharing websites like YouTube and DailyMotion. Many webmasters utilize this means to generate targeted, direct traffic to their sites. If you don’t have the expertise in video creation, you can equally hire an experienced video producer. Many studies indicate that viewers often visit the websites of YouTube video producers who show mastery of their fields of endeavor.

In summation, I would say that generating substantial traffic requires devotion, hard work, good knowledge of the ever-changing SEO arena and great social networking skill. If you adhere to the tips given above, there are chances that your site’s traffic would increase dramatically.