Start Something Big – Networking Breakfast

This April we are holding a series of special events to celebrate the launch of our “Start Something Big” campaign for 2009. We are asking our clients and the business community to think about their online strategy and how they can improve their business with digital innovation. A networking breakfast is being held in April […]

Sponsor us in the MS-Swim-Athon

Chris and Michael Sharkey from Sharkey Media are joining the Sydney Rotary group in a 24 hour swim to help raise money for a wonderful cause.  We are looking for sponsors for our leg of the swim! If you would like to sponsor us we would be forever grateful. Businesses that sponsor us will be[…..]

Entrepreneur Starts New Business by Falling From the Roof

Sydney, NSW – January 14, 2009 – Promoting a new business in an economic crisis isn’t easy. Chris Sharkey, a self proclaimed “digital entrepreneur,” decided the best approach was to fall from his office roof. The stunt was captured on video and posted on the Sharkey Media web site ( The video promotes the agency’s ability[…..]

Another type of farming on Facebook

Many in the tech world are conjecturing the demise of Google’s highly acclaimed link-based algorithm, thanks to the growing prominence of Facebook’s universal “like” button. However, now that Facebook “liking” is taking starting to take over traditional links in many cases, Facebook has a new issue on its hands – one which Google is all too familiar[…..]

New Facebook tools for business (and personal use too)

Facebook an indispensable tool in today’s social media driven age of marketing – perhaps it’s due to a 500 million strong user-base, or maybe it’s the fact most people spend more time on social media sites than search engines. Whatever the lure, Facebook certainly holds plenty of promise, and it’s not about to stop. We[…..]

Android scams and the new Dell Streak

The sudden success of Android phones seems to have inspired something new in Russia: trojans. Security firm Kaspersky was the first to discover the malware named “TrojanSMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”, a phony media player app which sends SMS messages to premium rate numbers without the phone’s owner suspecting a thing. The scammers on the other end of the premium[…..]

Goodbye Google Wave, hello social searching

In the last week, Google has abandoned development on Google Wave due to underwhelming user adaption rates. The social collaboration tool promised big things: like aggregating your email with real-time chat and collaborative documents – but in the end, the idea may have simply been too ambitious and complex for most people to bother with, given the[…..]

Google changes even more and Android dominates

Following our latest report on Google’s changes, todays news concerns the “Yelpification” of Google Places. Verified Google Places business owners can now reply to user reviews on their businesses’ Place page – which is a great opportunity for business owners to engage with their customers and promptly react to any negative issues. Yelp introduced a similar[…..]

Social battles and Google changes

You probably know about the huge leak of secret information pertaining to the failing war in Afghanistan last week, which uncovered civilian killings, efforts to eliminate Taliban and al-Qaida leaders, and the involvement of Pakistan and Iran in supporting insurgents. Instead of releasing a statement or holding a press release, the US military’s public relations team have[…..]