Offline vs. Online Marketing: Small Business Marketing

This post is dedicated to helping you small and local business out there, by discussing these terms, Offline and Online Marketing, as both do exist, and everyone has its advantages, but writing Offline vs. Online Marketing intends to show you the advantage the one has over the other, and if both are to be undertaken, […]

Lead Generation Marketing For Your MLM Opportunity

The World Wide Web has not only changed the way people run their companies but it has also played a major role in influencing the methods used by network marketers (MLM) to generate leads for businesses. Many network marketers try to draw people to their niche of business by the use of hype rather than[…..]

Why do I need Search Engines Optimization and Copywriting Services?

  Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Creating a website is only one step in marketing your business online. Once it is created, you need to tell the Internet how to find it. Search Engine Optimization is vital in getting found on Google and Bing. However, like most business owners, we have only so much time dedicated[…..]

Lessons in Digital Marketing from Barack Obama

I think we can all say that the internet has sufficiently changed the way we interact with the rest of the world. But just how pivotal is the web in shaping our lives? A recently published article from Wired magazine announced today that presidential candidate Barack Obama’s Democratic nomination for President was mainly due to[…..]

What’s in a Brand?

I was recently reminded of the inherent value of a brand name when my son asked me about a curious logo (depending on your age, you may remember a certain amphibian that had gone from prominent to passé, and from there to wholesale obscurity buried in a much larger product portfolio, only to be resuscitated[…..]