A content management system (CMS) allows you to easily manage, edit and maintain the content on your website. Businesses can benefit from a fast and easy to use system that lets them make changes to their website without the need to consult their digital agency or web designer. For businesses that do not wish to maintain their own website, a CMS can provide an easily solution for a web master or digital agency to manage your website, saving you money on maintenance.

Sharkey Media provide a custom CMS solution called Canvas CMS. Canvas is a web-based CMS that can be accessed behind your website, allowing you to easily control and manage your content. Canvas CMS supports all multimedia formats so adding documents, images, video and audio is easy.


Canvas CMS has been built on open source technology and offers a number of key benefits:

A CMS built with online marketing in mind

  • Works well with Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimised from the ground up
  • Email & SMS marketing capabilities

User-friendly publishing

  • Easily add documents and images
  • Publish video, audio
  • Create a podcast or vodcast
  • RSS feeds

Media rich and interactive

  • Support for media rich, interactive web sites
  • Easily upload animations, images and video content

Search Technology

  • Built in document search
  • Highly relevant results


When chosing a content management system, it is important to consider the business benefits and return of investment in each system. Look for a content management system that will best suit your requirements and budget. Content management systems prodie a great solution for managing and maintaining content and are an important component of any web development project.