If you are serious about building a successful ecommerce website and selling online, you need to talk to Sharkey Media.

Ecommerce has grown tremendously in recent years as consumers look to the internet for products and services. Chances are, if one of your customers can’t buy a product or service from your site, they will buy it from someone else’s. A key example in the Austraian ecommerce market is the emergence of online department store OO.com.au and the well known Deals Direct. Consumers will happily purchase a computer online through a company such as Harvey Normanor David Jones simply because it is convenient and offered online at an affordable price.

If you do not have an ecommerce strategy you are losing customers and sales to those businesses that do. The longer you leave it, the more expensive it will be to catch up and regain lost customers.


We have developed custom ecommerce software designed with one objective – to sell online. It can run on any platform and integrate with any existing system. We are online marketing experts and our ecommerce solution allows you to easily market your ecommerce website online.

Our entire ecommerce development process is designed to analyse your market and develop sustainable sales and marketing strategies.


Basecart is Australia’s first piece of custom ecommerce software specifically designed with sales and marketing in mind. Basecart is designed to sell, designed to rank highly in major search engines and designed to provide the best possible return of investment. It features an innovative user-interface which allows anyone in your organisation to maintain your online shop front and can be customised to work with any existing system.


When developing ecommerce websites, we provide development and online marketing strategy to ensure your project is a success. Our strategy involves:

  • Analysing exisiting ecommerce sites in your market
    In a competitive market we take the time to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. We look at information relating to where they rank in major search engines, what forms of advertising they engage in and what works and doesn’t work on their ecommerce website. Using this research, we develop a unique and effective strategy for your ecommerce website.
  • Market research and marketing strategy
    We study current search trends and market information to determine the market size and the ROI of different forms of marketing. This involves an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy to ensure the site ranks highly in major search engines. We make recommendations about PPC campaigns, adding products to shopping networks and other various strategies to further promote your ecommerce store.
  • Defining a sales funnel and tracking the results
    We define sales funnels and ecommerce goals and use analytics software to track the results. A birds eye view of your ecommerce store is critical in making key business decisions.


Successful ecommerce is not just about building an ecommerce website; it is about building a new business, a sustainable revenue stream and coordinating with existing systems and supply chains to ensure your ecommerce model works. Sharkey Media can assist in the whole process. We are experts at creating online businesses and can not only give you the right ecommerce tools, but also the expertise, business know how and strategy to build a successful and highly profitable ecommerce web site.

Today is a good day to start thinking about your ecommerce strategy. Whether you have one that needs improving or need a fresh start, contact Sharkey Media to discuss effective ecommerce.