Internal Linking your Blog – Website Best Practices

Website blogs can be used to generate traffic to your site by having individual blogs rank directly in the search engine results pages and/or by increasing the rankings of your main website.

Internal Linking your Blog – Website Best Practices

Many blogs have great, unique, keyword rich content but search engines are still not ranking the web pages high for those keywords. This blog is meant to provide you some tips on how to internally link your Blog to your other website pages so search engine “spiders” rank your Blog and website higher for the keyword phrases you are targeting.

Let’s assume you have done your keyword research and identified high volume keywords with relatively low competition which you want to rank on.

First, all Blog titles should contain a keyword phrase. You’ll notice on Rotunda Software the Blog titles contain keywords like “ministry scheduling software”, “ministry software” and “volunteer software”.

Second, internally link the keyword to the appropriate page on your website within the first paragraph. This will confirm to search engines spiders that the page is highly relevant for that keyword phrase.

Third, use “long tail” keyword phrases related to the primary blog post keyword to link to relevant pages on your website. This will continue to send signals to the search engines that both the blog post and webpage that is being linked to is highly relevant to the keyword phrase.

Lastly, use the title tag in the hyperlink of the keyword. It’s not necessary to use the same primary keyword phrase in each hyperlink’s title tag but at least use secondary keyword phrases that you might not be able to naturally incorporate into the copy of the blog.

Additionally, don’t forget to use the keyword phrase in the title tag of the webpage you are linking to. For example, in the “Why Invest in Ministry Software” Blog the keyword phrase “ministry software” appears in the title of the blog and several times in the blog copy with the “ministry software” title tag.

Wherever relevant, the primary keyword should link to another page on the website that is optimized the keyword phrase “ministry software”.

For additional information on website consulting services contact us or if you have any of your own internal linking blog strategies let us know in the comments below.