Think of an intranet as a portal for your staff to connect, share documents, files and organisational information. Intranets are secure and can increase productivity and communication in your business by providing a central place for staff to connect and learn.

We build interactive, media driven intranets that serve as a reliable point of communication. Rapidly becoming a necessary tool of modern business, an intranet is a space where new staff can learn about the organisation through a series of training videos, quizzes and then upload a brief profile to share with other staff. It’s for business documents and staff calendars. It’s a central place built for your company.


We use an easy to use, media driven content management system (CMS) to develop our business intranets which means anyone in your business can easily upload documents, or edit and modify pages.

We develop well designed and highly engaging intranets. Our philosophy is simple: if it is engaging and useful, staff will use the intranet.

We have a highly skilled team of intranet developers who can customise your intranet and integrate with any other systems you may be using.


An intranet is a system restricted to staff of a particular organisation. An extranet though may also be used by customers and utilised at different locations outside the organisation.


Intranets have become an important part of the internal communication of businesses. Company intranets in particular are increasingly popular and are frequently found in medium to large businesses. Integrating intranets with existing systems can create a central knowledge base and point of communication in your company.

The strategy and planning of a company intranet should not be underestimated – building a successful intranet takes careful thought to ensure staff will engage with your company’s intranet. Consider the business value, consider the HR value and consider the people value of a company intranet.


Sharkey Media build engaging intranet solutions that provide a centralised communication and learning facility for staff of your organisation. Let us build you an intranet solution that increases connectivity, productivity and engagement of staff.