Entrepreneur Starts New Business by Falling From the Roof

Sydney, NSW – January 14, 2009 – Promoting a new business in an economic crisis isn’t easy. Chris Sharkey, a self proclaimed “digital entrepreneur,” decided the best approach was to fall from his office roof. The stunt was captured on video and posted on the Sharkey Media web site (www.sharkeymedia.com/impact). The video promotes the agency’s ability to “make an impact” and was performed for a series of online video commercials.

The new business is a joint venture between brothers Chris and Michael Sharkey who plan to capture a large segment of the Australian online solutions market. Chris believes Sharkey Media can help businesses create a competitive edge online, “We are creating digital marketing and e-commerce platforms for businesses allowing them to reach more customers than ever before through emerging media channels. It’s about treating your web site as an investment and making it work for your business.”

“The economic down turn is a great time to invest in your online marketing. Showing up in search queries is becoming as vital as having a web site in the first place.”

Chris and Michael are currently working on a number of software projects to allow Australian business to market themselves better online.


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