5 Elements Of A Good Web Design

Today, many Web users are not only searching for sites packed with useful information, they are also looking for compelling and attractive sites. A good website offers visitors something they need in a way that will make them want to come back for more. When it comes to Web design, there are a lot of […]

Why is website designing important?

Whether a business or a service, no matter on small scale or big but if you’re not visible on the internet then sorry to say, your hard work is somewhat worthless. Harsh or not, but it’s true. In today’s world of smartphones and internet at low cost, the tendency of audience and customers have changed[…..]

What’s the Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

As a web developer and trainer people ask me this question all the time. Here’s a quick explanation that will hopefully save you time, money and stress as you plan and create your site. WordPress.com (pictured above) is a site where you can create a blog or website about whatever subject you want using an[…..]

What is SEO and Its Features?

Who does not like to be on top of the list of Google’s page-one? If yes, then read on. Unlike the real world, when you enter into the galaxy of the web then the process can be totally different to get the top position, you definitely don’t have to give any tough exam for your[…..]

Why small business owners should embrace Google +

Why small business owners should embrace Google + Through my involvement with many local and small business owners, I have realised  that many of you have not heard of Google+; not to mention using it. The reason for this post is to get you using Google + as it is a fantastic platform for you[…..]

Offline vs. Online Marketing: Small Business Marketing

This post is dedicated to helping you small and local business out there, by discussing these terms, Offline and Online Marketing, as both do exist, and everyone has its advantages, but writing Offline vs. Online Marketing intends to show you the advantage the one has over the other, and if both are to be undertaken,[…..]

Lead Generation Marketing For Your MLM Opportunity

The World Wide Web has not only changed the way people run their companies but it has also played a major role in influencing the methods used by network marketers (MLM) to generate leads for businesses. Many network marketers try to draw people to their niche of business by the use of hype rather than[…..]

10-Day Marketing Makeover: Focus on a few Things that Really Matter

Digital marketing now plays a crucial role in almost every business and organization. As marketers, we always want to work on projects that generate positive results in the shortest time to provide “traction.” If you had 10 days to make changes that will most likely “move the needle” for your organization, would you be interested?[…..]

Attraction Marketing Checklist

“Only Suckers Pay for Leads”

Attraction Marketing Checklist

I heard this quote over a year ago when I was in network marketing, and it kept reverberating in my mind afterward. I kept thinking to myself, “I’m paying for leads… am I really a sucker?” It was at this moment, that I decided to opt-in and receive a free 7 video training series on how to “Magnetically Attract New Customers.” And so my Attraction Marketing Career Began…

Over the last year, I spent my time developing and creating plans on how to attract quality like-minded leads interested in my business for free. I’ve invested in several pieces of training, found mentors, and most importantly, started applying what I learned. […]

Why do I need Search Engines Optimization and Copywriting Services?

  Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Creating a website is only one step in marketing your business online. Once it is created, you need to tell the Internet how to find it. Search Engine Optimization is vital in getting found on Google and Bing. However, like most business owners, we have only so much time dedicated[…..]