What’s the Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

As a web developer and trainer people ask me this question all the time. Here’s a quick explanation that will hopefully save you time, money and stress as you plan and create your site. WordPress.com (pictured above) is a site where you can create a blog or website about whatever subject you want using an […]

What is SEO and Its Features?

Who does not like to be on top of the list of Google’s page-one? If yes, then read on. Unlike the real world, when you enter into the galaxy of the web then the process can be totally different to get the top position, you definitely don’t have to give any tough exam for your[…..]

Why small business owners should embrace Google +

Why small business owners should embrace Google + Through my involvement with many local and small business owners, I have realised  that many of you have not heard of Google+; not to mention using it. The reason for this post is to get you using Google + as it is a fantastic platform for you[…..]

10-Day Marketing Makeover: Focus on a few Things that Really Matter

Digital marketing now plays a crucial role in almost every business and organization. As marketers, we always want to work on projects that generate positive results in the shortest time to provide “traction.” If you had 10 days to make changes that will most likely “move the needle” for your organization, would you be interested?[…..]

Attraction Marketing Checklist

“Only Suckers Pay for Leads”

Attraction Marketing Checklist

I heard this quote over a year ago when I was in network marketing, and it kept reverberating in my mind afterward. I kept thinking to myself, “I’m paying for leads… am I really a sucker?” It was at this moment, that I decided to opt-in and receive a free 7 video training series on how to “Magnetically Attract New Customers.” And so my Attraction Marketing Career Began…

Over the last year, I spent my time developing and creating plans on how to attract quality like-minded leads interested in my business for free. I’ve invested in several pieces of training, found mentors, and most importantly, started applying what I learned. […]

Are You Struggling Without Luck To Increase Your Site’s Traffic?

I’m yet to come across someone whose sole aim of creating a website is to be viewing it only by him/herself. So, we are in agreement that the primary purpose of having an online presence is to get other web users to be visiting it and possibly engage in business dealings with you. But be advised that your website needs to be visible to other Internet users looking for similar things to the ones you offer before targeted traffic can be generated.

Are You Struggling Without Luck To Increase Your Site’s Traffic?

Billions of websites jockey to get meaningful traffic, but most do not succeed. If your website doesn’t generate substantial, targeted traffic, you surely need to examine your SEO and digital marketing approach and fine-tune it. Here at V8Web.com, we’ve compiled some vital tips that help struggling webmasters to drive substantial traffic to their sites. […]

Internal Linking your Blog – Website Best Practices

Website blogs can be used to generate traffic to your site by having individual blogs rank directly in the search engine results pages and/or by increasing the rankings of your main website.

Internal Linking your Blog – Website Best Practices

Many blogs have great, unique, keyword rich content but search engines are still not ranking the web pages high for those keywords. This blog is meant to provide you some tips on how to internally link your Blog to your other website pages so search engine “spiders” rank your Blog and website higher for the keyword phrases you are targeting. […]

Another type of farming on Facebook

Many in the tech world are conjecturing the demise of Google’s highly acclaimed link-based algorithm, thanks to the growing prominence of Facebook’s universal “like” button. However, now that Facebook “liking” is taking starting to take over traditional links in many cases, Facebook has a new issue on its hands – one which Google is all too familiar[…..]

New Facebook tools for business (and personal use too)

Facebook an indispensable tool in today’s social media driven age of marketing – perhaps it’s due to a 500 million strong user-base, or maybe it’s the fact most people spend more time on social media sites than search engines. Whatever the lure, Facebook certainly holds plenty of promise, and it’s not about to stop. We[…..]

Android scams and the new Dell Streak

The sudden success of Android phones seems to have inspired something new in Russia: trojans. Security firm Kaspersky was the first to discover the malware named “TrojanSMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”, a phony media player app which sends SMS messages to premium rate numbers without the phone’s owner suspecting a thing. The scammers on the other end of the premium[…..]