Why small business owners should embrace Google +

Why small business owners should embrace Google +

Through my involvement with many local and small business owners, I have realised  that many of you have not heard of Google+; not to mention using it. The reason for this post is to get you using Google + as it is a fantastic platform for you to promote your business.

Google +

To keep it simple Google + is 50% social and 50% business. Google plus allows you to email potential customers and clients directly. This of course gives you tremendous power to reach your potential customers.

Google + allows you to put different groups of people that you have connected with in something  called a circle. A Circle is the same as a group. So let’s take my post today I will share this with my online community circle I will not share it with my friends as I do not want to annoy then as they may have no interest in my post. In comparison my online community circle consist of small business owners and online marketers therefore this post adds value to you.

Also I am targeting you my potential customers directly through email via Google +. So now you the small business owner can appreciate this power with one click you have informed many potential customers of your services or products today through your Google+ post.

Google + Business Page

Google + also allows you to set up a business page using the platform. Here once you fill out your business details you will be asked to verify the business is yours.  So Goggle will send out a verification postcard with a pin to verify your stated geographical location. This postcard usually takes about 2 weeks to arrive. Once you receive your pin you can verify your Business.

Verification great for Local Business

This is very useful for you the local business owner; once you have filled out your business profile correctly. Google will index you as a business in that geographical location. When we type in a keyword like hotels in London for example; we often see the Google map on the right hand side with the locations of the hotels. This is where your company will show up once you start utilizing Google +. This of course has obvious benefits to your small business.

Create your Google + profile

Now guys I have made you aware of some of the advantage of Google + today so start creating your profile today. Feel free to watch my video which gives you a clearer explanation. So that’s it from me I hope you enjoyed my post “Why small business should embrace Google +”.

If you need any help on anything to do with online marketing do not hesitate to contact me today.